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Digital Future. Event with Bestseller Author Marc Elsberg “Zero”

Bestseller Author Marc Elsberg (middle), Peter Rehnke (left), Frank Bodin (right)

Peter Rehnke (left), Marc Elsberg (middle), Frank Bodin (right)

Who moves on the net, for which there is no escape! They know who we are, where we are – and WHAT we will do next!

London. In a chase a boy is shot. His death leads the journalist Cynthia Bonsant to the acclaimed Internet platform Freemee. It collects and analyzes data – promising its millions of users a better life and more success. Only one warns of Freemee and the power that the online newcomer could bestow on a few: ZERO, the world’s most wanted online activist. As Cynthia begins to research more closely, she becomes a hunted herself. But in a world full of cameras, data glasses and smartphones, there is no escape …

Up-to-the-minute and threatening: the transparent person under control _

Marc Elsberg was born in 1967 in Vienna. He was a strategy consultant and creative director for advertising in Vienna and Hamburg and a columnist for the Austrian daily Der Standard. Today he lives and works in Vienna. With his international bestsellers BLACKOUT, ZERO and HELIX, he also established himself as a master of science thriller. BLACKOUT and ZERO were honored by Bild der Wissenschaft as the Knowledge Book of the Year in the category Entertainment and made him a sought-after interlocutor of politics and business.

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