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The next generation of emails: Google AMP Framework

Google AMP Framework

In recent years, Google has been working to load mobile pages faster through an open source framework called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Google AMP was originally just an attempt to help publishers. However, as his skills have expanded over time, it is now one of the best ways to build rich websites. This created the opportunity to modernize one of the most popular places people spend their time: email.

For example, imagine you could do things right in emails. With Google AMP for Email, you can quickly perform actions such as submitting an invitation to an event, scheduling an appointment, or completing a questionnaire directly in the email message. Many people rely on emails for information about flights, events, news, purchases, and more – over 270 billion emails are sent daily! Information can be kept up-to-date with Google AMP for Email so that emails never get old and content is correct when viewed by a user.

Google AMP Pinterest Example
Google AMP Pinterest Example

The power of Google AMP via email is featured in the new Gmail Developer Preview “AMP for Email.” This new specification will provide developers with a powerful way to create more interactive, modern, and actionable email experiences.

Companies like Pinterest, and Doodle are creating new opportunities for consumers using AMP for Email. We are curious what other companies will bring soon.

The AMP for Email specification is now available and Google plans to support it later this year. By emailing AMP, Google is opening up new opportunities for companies to engage with their audiences. Because AMP for Email is an open source specification, we look forward to seeing when other email clients will adopt the framework.

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