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Innovation Of The Year 2015

Deutscher Preis für Online Kommunikation 2015

Even though the technical possibilities of online communication seem almost endless, creative and courageous thought leaders are needed to advance developments in the digital sector. The Innovation Award honors ideas that exploit the potential of the digital media, deviate from the ways of the ordinary and known, do not shy away from entering uncharted territory, and thus contribute to the advancement of online communication.

Innovation of the year: Ringleader Loyalty Program
Innovation of the year: Ringleader Loyalty Program

Avnet Ringleader is the world’s first NFC ring customer loyalty program: A mailing with a specially made iris is used to determine the ring size and a personal access code on The ring as a door opener and a sign of membership in the exclusive Avnet circle is presented by drone.

Online Communications Award 2015, Berlin

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