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Marketing Institute Singapore: Guru Talk

What does the future of email marketing look like? It is evident that email marketing isn’t going anywhere, well, except to a landing page. Email is one of the primary uses of the smartphone and still remains among the most effective ways to deliver that message. If you want your marketing message read and acted upon by prospects and customers, not only should your emails look good on mobile, but the whole process behind it needs to be re-thought. 

This session will uncover some of the keys to new email marketing: email regulations, important KPIs, testing, personalized content instead of mass spamming. Trends will be shown like in-email videos, closed loop marketing and customer lifecycle automation as well as multi-channel marketing.

Marketing Institute Singapore 2013. Guru Talk.
Peter Rehnke @ Marketing Institute Singapore 2013. Guru Talk.

Founded in 1973, the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS), a not-for-profit organisation, is the National Body for Sales and Marketing. Over the years, MIS has nurtured more than 50,000 sales and marketing practitioners through its professional learning and development programmes and provided ample networking opportunities for thousands of members through its diverse series of events.

With more than 19 years of marketing communications know how, Peter Rehnke has seen a lot of different sectors: movie industries “Bavaria Film“, e-business software market leader “Intershop”, the world’s largest IT distributor “Tech Data” and “AXA Insurances“. Building up best-in-class e-mail marketing workflows, customer loyalty programs and multi-channel lead generation platforms are just a few of his skills and experiences.

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