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Trend Forum Zurich Keynote


On November 11, 2014, the second Trend Forum took place in Folium (Zurich, Switzerland). This time it was about the digital data today and in the future, which aroused a special interest: more than 120 guests from the marketing and Internet industry were attending.

Peter Rehnke, managing director of Havas Digital, outlined today’s opportunities for digital marketing: cookies and canvas fingerprints are only replacement drugs with a short half-life – even if they “support each other.” New technologies such as Facebook’s “Atlas”, iBeacons, and ultrasound transmitters NFC would allow tracking and influencing the entire customer journey.

The bestselling author Marc Elsberg then read exclusively from his latest novel “Zero – you know what you’re doing” before and presented in a half-hour presentation his view of the smart-data world dar. His core thesis: who has power over algorithms, has more Power as a politician himself. “Who decides in a self-driving car whether it should drive in an SUV or a small car, if it only has these two choices?”

Afterwards, a panel discussion with “personal” publisher Matthias Ackeret as moderator took place. In addition to Marc Elsberg and Peter Rehnke, two other interviewees were able to show other aspects of digital data: Nathalie Glaus (lawyer) explained the current legal status on the subject of digital data and Michel Lazecki (CEO adwebster) stated that within the next 2 years Possibilities of predictive targeting and thus the ability to predict consumer behavior with high probability become much more precise. The largest Swiss ad network is working hard on it.

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